The swordfish or broadbill is a nocturnal feeder - we get them at night. With rigged squids and live baits fished at various depths we cover a good part of the water column as we drift up the gulf stream.

We typically use 50lb standup tackle making the fight challenging but manageable. If the broadbill meets the minimum size requirement we boat and dress the fish for you. If not, we get pictures and release them, enjoying the fight and letting them grow for another trip.

It is reasonable to hope for a few sword bites per night and with luck a catch, maybe 2 or 3. We typically like to leave at 6pm and will fish all night coming in at first light unless you prefer a shorter night. We've boated fish as large as 175lbs but the potential is always there for fish of several hundred pounds.

When the weathers good, drifting the gulf stream on our comfortable air-conditioned custom boat is a great way to spend an evening with your friends or family. Bring some dinner and drinks and wait for the action to unfold.



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